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Hey there OmiArtists! Today we bring to you, OmiArtist's contest "Going Green"

Going Green is an Earth Day based contest that, like Earth Day, will support of environmental protection! Aside from keeping the environment healthy, you must also have green as the main theme in your piece! You’re not limited to this color, but green has to be part of your piece. What will you do: draw a piece with a character showing off their green thumb? Photograph a beautiful garden? Craft a pretty flower? The choice is all yours!

Rules of Contest:

Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfArt forms accepted for this contest are: Photography, Digital/Traditional Art, and Crafts!
Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfAll entries must be your created piece!
Red No Button by Peace-WolfAny tracing, recreation, or submission of any piece that does not belong to you will be disqualified.
Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfYou are allowed to submit up to 3 pieces per person, but only 1 piece is eligible to win.
Red No Button by Peace-WolfIf you submit 3 pieces and attempt to submit more, your piece will be declined.
Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfPlease title your piece correctly (information provided below).
Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfPlease keep your content appropriate. If you include unclothed people in your work, the use of censoring is permitted.
Red No Button by Peace-WolfHowever, full nudity will not be accepted into the contest.
Green Yes Button by Peace-WolfIn order to enter this contest, you must currently be a member of this group.
Red No Button by Peace-WolfAny piece submitted before the deadline will not be considered unless stated otherwise by me or one of the other admins.

Clock Mini Pixel by GasaraDeadline Clock Mini Pixel by Gasara
IMPORTANT: ALL ENTRIES ARE ALLOWED FROM 3.11.17 (March 3rd, 2017) TO 4.20.17 (April 20th, 2017). WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED 4.22.17 (April 22nd, 2017 on Earth Day)
In order to be considered, your piece must include the word “OmiContest” as well as your own title.

Example:A picture of the moon might be titled “OmiContest: Shining Moon”
In addition to the appropriate title, YOUR PIECE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE “Going Green” folder in order to qualify for competing in the contest! Because people often submit to the incorrect folder, this is necessary in order to determine who is and who isn’t entering the contest. Any piece that is not titled with "OmiContest" at the beginning of its title name it will be removed from the folder.

Optional: State that this is for OmiArtist’s contest “Going Green” in the description. This is NOT a requirement, but a recommendation.

*Note* As you choose one of these art forms, your piece within any category you submit your piece for, it MUST be related to Earth Day, plants/planting, or any form of supporting environmental health, as well as include the color green in your piece somewhere!

Acceptable Digital/Traditional, Crafts, and Photographic Forms
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Pixel Art
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa 3 Dimensional
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Drawing and Painting
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa People and/or Animals
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Fantasy
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Still Life
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Fanart
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Animations
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Street Art
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Sculptures
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Ceramics, Pottery & Clay
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Decorative Culinary Arts
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Handmade Plushies or Figures
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Jewelry
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Needlework
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Woodworking
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Metal Work
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Abstract & Surreal
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Animals, Plants & Nature
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Conceptional
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa People/Portraits (Model must be in a nature setting)
Pixel Rose by Kakiwa Others: If you are unsure if your category is acceptable, please ask below.

If you have any questions in general about the contest, please either comment below and me or the other admins will assist you.
Hello OmiArtists, it's time to present to you once again the featured artists and pieces of the week! (both week 9 and 10).

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Astari Mirkheart - Commission by Ithilnaur
Astari Mirkheart - Commission by Ithilnaur

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Colored Pencil Drake by kaseykmay
Colored Pencil Drake by kaseykmay

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Akutagawa and Kappa by blackcatofvoid
Akutagawa and Kappa by blackcatofvoid

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario NieR Automata by Saizo-san
NieR Automata by Saizo-san

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Noragami Kofuku and Daokikoku by NausicaaGhibli
Noragami Kofuku and Daokikoku by NausicaaGhibli

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario ASSC x Supreme (Hypebeast Series) by Yamikou
ASSC x Supreme (Hypebeast Series) by Yamikou

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Lion by TheUnconfidentArtist
Lion by TheUnconfidentArtist

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Sakura by LauraMegara
Sakura by LauraMegara

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Heikin Utagoe Reference Sheet 2017 by MoonPalette
Heikin Utagoe Reference Sheet 2017 by MoonPalette

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Jellyfishes by Shroggy
Jellyfishes by Shroggy

Congratulations all those who's pieces have been named weekly pieces! Your piece will by added to the Feature Folder momentarily.
First, I'd like to apologies for deleting the Weekly Feature #6 and #7 journal. I accidentally placed week 8 features on that journal so I had to delete it ^^;
Fortunately, but rest assure, I will still be adding those features to the feature folder. So without further ado, here are week 8 Features!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Gul'dan sculpture by creaturecreationUK
Gul'dan sculpture by creaturecreationUK

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Asher [C] by Coffeere-Kohai
Asher [C] by Coffeere-Kohai

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Choir Of The Lights by bukanumairoh
Choir Of The Lights by bukanumairoh

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Fem! Bad Friends Trio Cosplay by Rubrum-Cervi
Fem! Bad Friends Trio Cosplay by Rubrum-Cervi

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Rem by MayuiChan17
Rem by MayuiChan17
Just want to inform you all that the Digital Art folder is now full, and if you want to submit a piece to the Digital folder please go to the last page of the gallery to the Digital Art II n.n

The first Digital Art is no longer open for submissions.
Hello OmiArtists! If you recall, I made a post some time ago about hiring admins! Just want to let you all know that this is the last and final call for anyone interested! During this weekend (Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at 8:00PM) I will close the search and anyone who asks after the stated time and date will be looked over!
Note: Those who've already asked don't worry, you're good so you don't need to restate you're application :)

If you're interested for in the positions please refer to this journal Hiring Admins (Closed)Hiya there, member of OmiArtists! Just wanted to let you all aware of the fact that we'll be hiring admins! Please read below before applying for an admin position.
-You must be a member of this group if you want to apply for a position!
-Admins are to behave responsibly and respectfully in a professional manner. However, doesn't mean as a member, you're allowed to push admins around.
-If you wish to apply for an admin position, it would really help if you stated so in the comments and gave an explanation as to why you're applying (ex: prior experience? what could you contribute? etc).
Anyway, that's all for now! We'd appreciate the help :)
Hope you all have a nice night/day/morning!

You may comment on this journal below or the journal linked to you in this journal :)

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